1. Member Services

Objective 1: Increase member participation and vibrancy in the society by 2028

Objective 2: To increase membership and member shareholding by 2028

2. Estate

Objective 1: To optimize production to 3.3 million kilograms per year by 2028

Objective 2: Reduce the cost of farm production by 25% by 2028

3. Factory Production and Out growers

Objective 1: To expand the withering room to accommodate an additional 40,000kgs by 2027

Objective 2: To overhaul the first processing line by 2027 and install orthodox Tea Plant

Objective 3: To improve green leaf quality from a leaf count of 50% to 68% and translate to an increase in auction price by 25%

Objective 4: To reduce cost of production by 25%

Objective 5: Increase product variety to include specialty teas e.g. lemon tea and tea bags

Objective 6: To increase outreach deliveries by 60%

4. Human Capital

Objective 1: To increase employee productivity by 30% by 2028

Objective 2: To strengthen the human resource function by 2025

5. Business Growth

Objective 1: To increase the market reach to cover Kenya and Africa before going Global by 2028

Objective 2: To increase road to channels and establish distributors in Kenya and Africa by 2028

Objective 3: Develop an online e-commerce platform where orders can be generated by 2026

Objective 4: To establish and rollout a strong marketing strategy by end of 2024

6. Finance and Investments

Objective 1: To increase annual profitability by 50% by 2027

Objective 2: Reduce operational cost by 25% by 2025

Objective 3: Mobilize KES.600 Million and use it to grow assets by 20% by end of 2027

Objective 4: Diversify and expand by investing in at least one other income generating venture by 2028

7. Innovation and Technology

Objective 1: To enhance the use of technology and innovation in all the society’s operation

Objective 2: To reduce emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere

8. Leadership and Governance

Objective 1: To Enhance the capacity of the organization

Objective 2: To re-align the organization’s structure in tandem with the objectives of the Society

9. Networking, Collaboration and Partnerships

Objective 1: Enhance networking by identifying at least 10 potential strategic business partners/networks-both local and international

10. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environment

Objective 1: Enhance social responsibility with the community every year

Objective 2: Set & operationalize environmental Standards

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