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Mau Tea Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd commonly referred to as Mau Tea is one of the leading Tea producing Companies in Kenya. Mau Tea forms part of the rich high altitude tea growing region west of the Rift Valley and is located about 10 Kilometers from Kericho along Kericho-Nakuru Highway.

It derives her name from the rich high-altitude strategic location adjacent to the Mau Forest, the largest drainage basin in Kenya. Numerous rivers originate from the forest, including the Southern Ewaso Ng’iro, Sondu River, Mara River and Njoro River. These rivers feed Lake Victoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Natron. The western slopes of the Mau Escarpment are covered by the Mau Forest. It is this forest that feeds Mau Tea Estate and several other tea estates and outgrowers with rain water that favors the growing of tea.

Mau Tea has rich history. The tea estate was originally owned by Robert Henry Wilson and was transferred in April 1959 to Mr. Gregory James Grant under the name Mau Forest Limited. However, it was under the management of George Williamson Limited from 1985 to 1988. The Estate further changed ownership in 1989 when Hon. Mark Kiptarbei Arap Too bought the Estate and requested Kaisugu Limited to manage it on his behalf.

On 1st July, 1994 the Estate changed its name from Mau Forest Limited to Mau Tea Limited, a name it held until it was purchased by the local shareholders on 31st October, 2001 through competitive bidding and James Finlay (K) Ltd was contracted to be the managing agent from 1st January, 2002 for a period of 7 years. When the local shareholders took over the ownership of the Company, they changed the name from Mau Tea Ltd to Mau Tea Multipurpose Co-operative Society (MTMCS).

The shareholding of Mau Tea MCS comprises of individual shareholders from various constituencies of South Rift. The only institutional shareholder is Sinendet Tea Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd, which is the major shareholder with 34% shareholding.


A Provider of high-quality products and services

Our Mission:

Mobilize resources, improve quality of products and diversification through prudent management.

Our Vision:

An efficient & Sustainable Investment Cooperative Enterprise

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